from tangible to technological

The British General Election that is going to be held on the 7th of May has been the subject of much discussion. Some feel that the system is outdated while others argument for the process, claiming that it’s safe and revamping it would be unneccessary.

The world in 2015 is largely characterized by technology now more than ever. In 1950, 83,9% of the electorate cast a ballot, making it the biggest general election turnout in British history, while in 2010 the percentage was only 65.1. This has led to many arguments for a voting process that is geared towards the youth and directed towards technology, perhaps with an app or a website.

On the other side, many feel transferring the process from tangible to technological could allow for errors and mistakes. The values of tradition and British history are also being focused on by the defense group. Not to mention, since many young voters participated in the Scottish referendum, the argument for a technological process seems irrelevant.

In conclusion, while the opposition force seems to be growing stronger, it’s quite clear that the current system will remain. We’ll have to see what the future will hold.

Khadi and Belisa


Are British general elections stuck in the 1950s?


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