controversial statements and the general election

Yesterday: Ban the jobless from driving to ease congestion, Ukip candidate says. Obviously this is a controversial statement. Not very surprising, though. Ukip representatives manage to utter these kind of statements seemingly every day. Who can forget Kerry Smith’s leaked phone calls and Ukip leader’s Nigel Farage wish to join forces with Russia. Believe me; there are plenty of those.

On 7th of May, the United Kingdom is having their general election. Now, Ukip is not a big party (they only have two seats), but they did win the fourth most votes during the 2010 election and it is predicted that their seat gain is almost guaranteed. The real competition is between the Conservatives, the largest single party currently in coalition with the Liberal Democrats, and the Labours. 303 and 257 are their current seats in the House of Commons. However, we can’t ignore the fact that Ukip placed first in the 2014 European Elections.

While Ukip is laden with problematic statements and a subject of much loathing, it does have supporters and is growing year by year.

UK opinion polling 2010-2015.png

This chart shows opinion polling for the general election from 2010 to the predictions in the future. The purple line represents Ukip. It variates through the months, but the rise of the party is quite clear. Maybe in some years from now Ukip will be a substantial competitor to the Conservatives and the Labours? In my case, I hope not.




Ban the jobless from driving to ease congestion, Ukip candidate says

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Nigel Farage: Stop opposing Vladmir Putin in Ukraine and join forces to defeat Islamic terrorists

European Elections: UKIP Tops British Polls


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