9/11 – a day we will never forget

The effects of 9th of September 2001 are numerous. US economy, the mental health of its people and security in places such as airports was heightened. Since the attack was planned and executed by the al-Qaeda, it didn’t improve the conditions of Muslims living in America or the reputation of Muslim people all over the world.

In the days after 9/11, harassment of anyone that looked like followers of Islam were rampant and common; vandalism, assault, arson and even murder were documented. The word Muslim seems to spark a negative connotation; terrorist. The religion itself is also thought of as “savage” and “dangerous”. Women wearing burqas, niqabs, even hijabs, are suspicious, men are overbearing and always misogynistic and females are oppressed and brainwashed. At least that’s how everyone generally thinks of it. Current events aren’t helping either; ISIS thinks of themselves as brave fighters against the evil capitalism of the west and no matter how many Muslims distance themselves from their violent ways, the word jihad and terrorist will for many be connected to every single follower of Islam. It seems like many people are also unaware of the difference between a Muslim and a radical Islamist. I would say c’est la vie, but that shouldn’t actually be life.


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