Expectations, predictions, presumptions

Today is the day of my first English class of the year (crowd cheers) and yesterday was in fact my blog’s one year-anniversary. So, all my readers (if any of you actually exist), you have been granted my blog presence for a year already. You’re welcome.
English has gone from being about different events and happenings in the English speaking world to a class more focused on politics, especially in the US and the UK. I’m hoping to enjoy this class, I really am. It all depends on the kind of politics. Different subjects fascinate me in different amounts. Maybe I’ll have a chance to present or write about anything regarding feminism. Let’s hope.
So, expectations…
Well, I have the same teacher as I did last year (hi, Ann!) and her methods include a lot of research on the Internet and as well as contact with people from different places in the world. We’re probably gonna Skype with classes in America and the UK. This blog will probably be the home of many new posts over the next year as well. We’ll probably be expected to keep updated with important political decisions and events.

This is my final year and soon it will be time for university (hopefully). Maybe I can actually graduate while singing “The time of my life”. Won’t count on it, though. I’ll be happy to get high school behind me.


2 thoughts on “Expectations, predictions, presumptions

  1. Me too! Absolutely love to read your blog. Not only because of the way you write, but because of the content. I’m looking forward to reading more from you this year  🙂

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