events in international english

I have made a twitter account, gone to a radio show recording, experienced visitors from England, Skyped with classes in Lesotho, New York and Alaska, made a presentation about drug imagery in Alice in Wonderland as well as A Song of Ice and Fire and written a grand total of 21 blogposts (well, 22 when I publish this). Those aren’t the only events of this year in International English, but they did stand out the most.

When you have your first class, you might be nervous or excited. Maybe you’ll be biting your nails, maybe your heart will be pounding, maybe you’ll look around to see if there’s anyone cute in the classroom that you can stare at for the rest of the year amidst blog writing and movie watching. You might not know what to expect. Will it be fun? Will it be dull? Will it make me want to jump out the window? Things like that. I will say the answer is D: all of the above. My teacher is going to be reading this (hi, Ann), so let me amend myself. I have enjoyed my time surrounded by these four walls and my fellow students. While writing about “global challenges” loses it’s appeal eventually, it’ll all be worth it in the end. I can safely say that I know a lot more about the history of China and Erin Brokovich because of these classes and that probably wouldn’t happen anywhere else.

This school year was… let’s say, difficult, for me, but there is something that feels quite calming about International English. You always feel safe in this room. Well, I did. Maybe you will too?

I am on my path to becoming a third year in a few months (if everything works out) and I can safely say that I’m happy I’m almost out of this part of my life called “high school”. I still wish for you to enjoy it while you can. In a few years, I might look back on these years and think of them as the best times of my life. I hope not. God, I really hope not. That would be extremly depressing…

Either way, I wish you good luck with this subject. I think you’ll have fun. I know I did. And if you don’t find it too interesting, well, you can always scroll through Tumblr during class, you probably won’t get caught.


One thought on “events in international english

  1. I would agree with you that even if high school can be fun, hopefully there will be many more fun years to come. And yes your teacher did read your post and appreciated everything but the end. Hopefully no one will follow you up on that! And if you have struggled with the course, you have done well!

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