world of politics and bloodshed

My brother is a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, and him buying all the books and obsessively reading them made me decide to give it a chance, eventually. This was after watching the first season of Game of Thrones and right before watching the second one, and I, like my brother, became consumed with this world of politics and bloodshed. While my love for the tv-series has faded (that’s too soft of a word; crashed and burned, really) with every bad change and mistake they make on it, the books are as wonderful as ever.

Now, if you have read the books or watched the show, you should know what it’s about. If you have not, well… in keywords; dragons, usurpers, murder, eternal winter and tears (the tears are mostly my own. So many tears). It’s not surprising that the fictional world of Westeros has quite a few wars. A Clash of Kings, book number two, tells of The War of Five Kings, and that is what I will be writing about.

Every war consists of several parties (five in this one) with their own agendas. I will inform the “audience” of their motives and reasons, and their methods of warfare. Along the way, I will also attempt to discern their backgrounds and character development throughout the book (focusing mostly on the second book, using parts of the third one) and, hopefully, my thesis, which begs the question of why and how this war came to be, will be answered. Wish me luck!


11 thoughts on “world of politics and bloodshed

    • you have a lot of information about the game of thrones. you changed my mind about the show it sounds very interesting. in all good job!!! its cool bro!

  1. That sounds really really interesting actually. I’ve always wanted to watch Game of Thrones, ad head it was really good. You seem like a cool person. I love all those cool supernaural shows, too.

    • Thanks, dude. I mean, I loved the first two seasons and just… gave up on season 3, but maybe it’ll be to your taste? Either way, if you decide to pursue the path of tears and heartbreak, I wish you luck and have fun!

      • Why’d you give up on season 3? & haha yeah, maybe. I’ll probably give it a try. & thanks! Btw, have you ever watched the show Supernatural? I’ve heard that one’s really good too but I don’t know anyone else who’s watched it.

      • I found the first two episodes incredibly dull, which was strange since the third book was the most amazing of the series. And, well, yeah, I have watched Supernatural, but don’t really find it to my taste (though my sister is obsessed with it).

      • I’m sure if you kept watching it it would be really good. It’s kind of like Hunger Games. When I first read the book I hated it and then when I kept going it got really good. & I think I’m going to watch it then. Haha, if your sister is obsessed with it, that’s probably going to be me. Does your sister like Vampire Diaries?

      • I actually felt the same way about THG; I just couldn’t understand the hype, and I fell in love with it after re-reading it, but I had reached the end of my rope with GoT by then. And no, my sister isn’t a fan of Vampire Diaries. She used to be, and so did I, but we thought the quality went down in season 3.

  2. This is very intresting and i like how you actually gave the show a chance. You put a lot of detail in just one small paragraph. – JaKobs class MaKennaL2

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