two young men

We all know that an astounding number of black people were lynched “back in the days”. It’s said as if it’s been hundreds of years since the last lynching (the last registered case I believe was in 1964). Perhaps the most known was the lynching of two young men; Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith. That was in 1930.

The two of them had been arrested, charges saying they robbed and murdered a white factory worker in addition to raping his girlfriend. The jail they were in was broken into, they were beaten and hanged while police officers in the crowd didn’t even object to it; in fact they cooperated.

A friend of theirs, James Cameron, almost suffered the same fate until an unidentified person in the crowd declared Cameron’s innocence, and he was released. Later, he said the charges of murder were correct, and the girl thought to be raped said the rape charges were false. Yes, the two men had committed a crime they were sentenced to. Would you say they deserve what they got to them?

First of all, lynching is a horrible way of murder. Even anyone for death penalty would (hopefully) rule out that as a viable option for the end of your life.

Second of all, they were killed without a trial. Oh, that angers me so. The whole point of the justice system is that everyone remains guilty until proven otherwise. If these two men were white, you know they would have been treated more fairly.

Third of all, the fact that you are able to lynch someone says a lot of times more about you than them.


One thought on “two young men

  1. I agree. Thank you for writing about that, I didn’t knot these facts you found about lynching. In fact it was when I first saw the movie the Great Debaters that I was made aware that it is named after a slave owner. Not very nice!

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