serenity, calm, peace

The theme for Peace One Day this year was “Who will you make peace with”?

In fear of sounding like a total pretentious fool, I will say that the one I want to make peace with the most is… myself.

Yeah, yeah, I know how that sounds. Wow, way to be pompous douche, you’re thinking. And I get it. I do. That’s how I would think if anyone else said it, but when you are in the situation yourself, you feel quite differently.

Why? you might ask. Why exactly do you need to make peace with yourself?

Well, dear children, because I feel as if there is a war raging inside of me. Neither of the two bigger parties should win, and I’m pretty sure the smallest one is going to lose the battle, again and again and again. It ought to win, however. The smallest part that basically inhabits all my positivity and hope and motivation is the good one.

The two larger ones are self-loathing and self-pity, and no one wants to feel either of those. You want to be happy with yourself. That’s what I want. I want serenity. I want calm. I want, well, peace with myself. That’s the only way I’ll ever be fully happy.


2 thoughts on “serenity, calm, peace

  1. Interesting. certainly not what I was prepared to read here. Lets hope you win the battle and that we have peace on many different levels! Would be good to think no war anywhere at least for a day!

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