a clear 50/50

Studying and working abroad sounds wonderful. No matter what country you’re in, going somewhere else to live for a period of time sounds amazing, whether it’s to America or Germany or Egypt. I think it counts especially if you live in Norway, a country of few options compared to some others.

Expectations can sometimes fall flat, though. In the case of studying and/or working abroad it seems like a clear 50/50 that you’ll enjoy it or not. It all depends whether you think the good sides outweigh the bad ones, or the other way around.

The positive sides can include:

Getting to travel – You will experience different cultures, eat a different cuisine, meet a lot of interesting people (New York, for example, is a city of diverse personalities).

Getting more social – Being in a city, either by yourself or just a few people you know, will require socializing. Things as small as asking where a certain cafe is can lead to close-knit friendships, and if you are in a big city (or even a small village), you might need someone to lean on.

Looks good on the resume – Whether you apply to schools or to jobs, the fact that you’ve lived somewhere different from home country proves you can adapt well to different situations and settings. It also looks really impressive.

There are some negatives too, of course:

Different time zones – If you’re somewhere far away from your family and friends, communicating with them might prove to be difficult. They could try to contact you while you’re in deep slumber, you might call them in the wee hours of the morning.

Homesickness – Linked with the point above, you might start feeling homesick. Even if you make new friends, you will still miss your old ones, and that can put a damper on the excitement of being somewhere new and exciting.

Loneliness – If you, like me, aren’t very good at making friends or even acquaintances, it might be hard to handle. No matter what, things are easier to deal with when you have someone on your side, someone you can confide in and who can comfort you. Without that, you might be happy.

However, if you think studying abroad sounds amazing and is something you would want to do, there are some websites that can help you get going.






5 thoughts on “a clear 50/50

  1. This was really good. (: I want to move to California or Florida when I’m older and that helps me make the decision because there really are things to think about. What about you? Do you wanna travel or go anywhere?

  2. England is probably one of the places i would love to go and study just because theres so much more in england than america. im also from mr jakobs class

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