a great deal of courage

The Butterfly Circus” is short independent film about a circus during the Great Depression that focuses on bringing happiness to the dull, dreary lives people had. Along the way they meet a man with no limbs, Will, who is the main attraction of the Carnival Side Show. He joins their circus, and must find a way to become a part of the circus independent from the way he looks.

It got me thinking. About courage. If I were Will, my past experiences of people mocking and laughing at me would render me incapable of letting others see me. Not because of shame, but because of fear and embarrassment, because I had experienced the bitter sting of human cruelty. The impression this short film gave me was not only respect for Mendez for finding beauty in everyone, but mostly respect for Will for keeping his head high even with what he had experienced. I know I definitely wouldn’t have managed to be that positive.


3 thoughts on “a great deal of courage

  1. I like that you wrote that the movie takes place during the Great Depression, and that you put the link to the Wikipedia 🙂 I think that you should have written more about the movie itself 🙂

  2. This is the first time I have ever heard of this film, and I already think that “The Butterfly circus” is a very uplifting story JUST from your short blog that I have read. This flim inspires and motivates people to do want ever they want because, anything is possible as long as you put your mind, heart, body, and soul into it and NEVER ever give up.

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